Dear Friends,

In the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, St. Luke testifies in the Book of Acts that the first Christians were of “one heart and soul.” This beautiful expression of unity gives us a profound image of the Church in her first years. However, this is not simply a historical expression, providing only a snapshot of the Church in the apostolic age. Rather, it is also a vision for the Church in our time -- a vision we will work to achieve through the One Heart, One Soul Campaign. The priority of this effort is each of our parishes – the spiritual homes of those who follow Jesus today. The One Heart, One Soul Campaign will strengthen every parish in the Diocese by helping them to identify their most pressing needs and inviting the community to participate in and support these priorities of parish renewal. As our parishes are renewed and strengthened, so is our Diocese. In addition to supporting each parish, the campaign will provide additional funds to those parishes in greatest need – making possible for them what otherwise might not be achievable on their own. Finally, the Campaign will build and enhance our ministries to those in need outside of our parishes – bringing the unity of Christ to the many scattered peripheries of our world. This booklet contains all the details of this campaign effort for the Diocese and for your parish, in particular, which I ask you to prayerfully review and consider. Since the first group of believers preached Jesus’ resurrection 20 centuries ago, Christ has continually been calling us into unity – unity with one another, and unity with Him. I invite you to join me, along with our Clergy, Religious, and all the Lay Faithful of our Diocese, as together we respond to this call. Let us echo those first followers of Jesus, and respond to the challenges of our own time, by making the Church in this place of One Heart, One Soul.

Sincerely yours in Christ and Mary Immaculate,

(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, O.M.I.,

Bishop of Hamilton

Along with all of the other parishes in the diocese of Hamilton, St. Agatha Parish is taking part in the One Heart, One Soul Campaign.

Our main project for the campaign is to repair the church tower.

For details about our campaign, please click below:

If you would like to contribute to our campaign, please contact the parish office at 519-747-1212 or email us at