Correspondence courses for students learning at home or in public schools

Dear Families,

We welcome you to the Catechetical Correspondence Program offered through the Diocese of Hamilton and facilitated by our parish. We look forward to supporting you on your faith journey as we acknowledge each family to be a domestic church with the responsibility for evangelization. Please let us know how we can assist you as you pass on your faith to your children.

As the Correspondence Program unfolds, you will be working with one or more of our Parish Catechists.

They will be directly responsible for feedback on lessons, will be the contacts for information, and will try to answer any questions or concerns that arise. Most families work on the series of correspondence lessons during the academic year (September through May or June), although the schedule can be adjusted to best suit your family’s needs.

In the new year you may choose to have your children receive First Communion individually at a Sunday Mass when they are ready. We would be happy to discuss this with families who would prefer a more individualized schedule.

Depending on the number of correspondence students preparing for Confirmation, this sacrament will either be received on an individual basis or a ceremony will be scheduled that all of the candidates will be invited to participate in.

We hope that you will experience the Correspondence Program as faith-filled family time and that, once started, your family will continue through the various levels. (The Diocese has sourced materials for all grades, beginning in kindergarten and available through high school.)

To register your child for the program, please click on the picture below to be redirected to the registration page for the Correspondence Program on our Diocesan website.

If you have any questions, please email us at: or call our parish office at: 519-747-1212