Our family has been in Canada for just over two months, and is nicely settled into their home near Waterloo Park. Mohamed and Amina continue to study English two hours each day, and Abudi is attending Our Lady of Lourdes School.  Abudi has met some new friends, and is enjoying his new school.  Khalaf, who arrived earlier this year, continues to study English and is grateful to have his family with him.  Besides having their St. Agatha friends, they are beginning to meet new Syrian friends and to become integrated into the community.
There have been many logistical details to take care of in getting the family settled – health cards, medical checkups, bank accounts, dental visits, etc.  Several volunteers have been taking members of the family to appointments, have worked on the financial aspects of our sponsorship, helped with shopping, decorating, etc.  More volunteers are needed!
For the family, there have been a lot of firsts.  Khalaf and Aziz (a translator) were taken for a canoe ride on the Grand River.  The family attended the Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Waterloo for the first time.  One of our volunteers hosted them for a Thanksgiving meal, and the family went to their first pumpkin patch.  Abudi and Rasha went trick or treating in the neighbourhood on Halloween night.  The family was given skates and helmets and they went skating in November.  They go with volunteers regularly to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market for groceries, and shopping for groceries, clothing and household items.  Mohamed very much enjoyed his first taste of Canadian hockey when he attended a Kitchener Ranger game.
On November 8, we celebrated Rasha’s third birthday.  Several committee members joined the family for the party.  Another party was held for her the night before, as not everyone could make it for her actual birthday.
The family’s house is being decked out for Christmas, with lights and decorations.  We are still looking for a small tree for the house to help make it even more festive.  The family seems excited about Christmas and everyone is getting into the spirit of the season.  In December they will walk through Waterloo Park and see the thousands of lights that are part of the Wonders of Winter display.  We hope to take them on a trolley ride through the park as well.  On December 9th, the family will attend the St. Agatha Christmas Parade.
We still need volunteers.  If you have time that you can give to help our sponsored family (e.g. take them shopping, to a social event, etc.) please contact one of the committee members.  We are so thankful to have this family in our lives and feel blessed to be able to share in their lives. (December 1, 2017)

Refugee Family Sponsorship
Contact one of the work group chairs to participate:
Committee Lead & Support:
Dorothy McCabe dorothy_mccabe@sympatico.ca 519-721-2368
Samantha Allenson samilein.mason@gmail.com 647-500-6363
Patti Tusch   resurrection@resurrectioncollege.ca
Father Dan fatherdan@stagathachurch.ca 519-747-1212
Fund Raising and Finance:
Harold & Lynn Martin 519-741-6091
Connie Repa  c.repa@sympatico.ca  519-745-8170 (committee lead)
Health and Dental:
Christine Lang christine-lang@hotmail.com 519-746-9974
Social and Cultural (ESL):
Debb Hoffman hoffhers@gmail.com 519-634-9009
Housing Lead:
Steve Malleck troughguy@hotmail.com
Employment and Education:
Tammy Ramahut tammy.rahamut@rogers.com 519-884-7568
Cathy Bossenberry bossco1089@gmail.com
Thank you for your continued prayers, anticipated support for the family and for the work of your fellow parishioners.

Syrian Sponsorship Update:  Please view these photos of the family that are now safely in Canada. 

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