Refugee Family Sponsorship
Contact one of the work group chairs to participate:
Committee Lead & Support:
Dorothy McCabe 519-721-2368
Samantha Allenson 647-500-6363
Patti Tusch
Father Dan 519-747-1212
Fund Raising and Finance:
Harold & Lynn Martin 519-741-6091
Connie Repa  519-745-8170 (committee lead)
Health and Dental:
Christine Lang 519-746-9974
Social and Cultural (ESL):
Debb Hoffman 519-634-9009
Housing Lead:
Steve Malleck
Employment and Education:
Tammy Ramahut 519-884-7568
Cathy Bossenberry
Thank you for your continued prayers, anticipated support for the family and for the work of your fellow parishioners.

Refugee Sponsorship Update:   We are thankful that our first sponsored refugee, Khalaf, the single young man arrived June 8.  Please continue to pray for the safe arrival of his family.  Parishioners may be interested in viewing the welcoming video on YouTube, created by Nigel Gordjk in 2015.  Please view the video by clicking the button above and consider volunteering to support the family. There are donation envelopes in each pew for monetary donations.  (June 11, 2017)

Syrian Sponsorship Update:  We are excited and relieved to share that Khalif's brother and his family are confirmed to arrive in Canada on September 25.  Thank you all for your continued commitment to this important, interesting and meaningful project.  It’s with your support and the support of generous parishioners that we were, together, able to achieve this on behalf of Khalif and the family.  We will meet on Tuesday, September 19 at 6:30pm in the church basement.  We will be reviewing final preparations and plans for the family's arrival.  All are welcome. (September 10, 2017)

Refugee Sponsorship Update:  Thank you to everyone who helped over the past 2 weekends with cleaning, painting and moving household goods to the new home for our refugee family.  We are happy to report that we have connected with our family by phone over the weekend and they are VERY excited to be coming to Canada!  A picture of the family is posted on our picture board.  They are so appreciative of our help and wished blessings on all who have worked to make this possible.  The next committee meeting is Tuesday, May 23rd at 6:30pm in the church basement – all current and new volunteers are welcome.  A member of St. Marks parish will share his experience with their sponsored family.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support. (May 21, 2017)

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Syrian Sponsorship Update:  Please view these photos of the family that are now safely in Canada. 

Refugee Sponsorship Update:  We have exciting news as we have learned that one member of our refugee family, the younger brother, is scheduled to arrive at the Toronto airport on Thursday, June 8 in the early evening.  A small group of parishioners and an interpreter will meet him and bring him to the apartment.  Many volunteers have worked diligently over the past weeks to prepare the apartment.  The family of four will follow once all their necessary documents are ready to enable them to travel.  The date is not yet determined.  Volunteers are still needed and are most welcomed – no matter how much time you can give.  Please join us on Tuesday, June 6th at 6:30pm for our next meeting. (June 4, 2017)