St. Agatha CWL Executive

President -   Debbie Kroetsch
Recording Secretary -  Patti Tusch
Treasurer - Anne Van Niekerk
Spiritual Development - Helen Vollmer
Community Life - Cathy Henhoeffer
Organization and Membership - Pam Young
Christian Life - Ruthann Turner
 Education and Health - Terri Spitzig
Corresponding Secretary  (Co-chaired) -  Ruthann Turner & Cathy Henhoeffer

National Office Address, Telephone and Fax

1-160 Murray Park Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3J 3X5

Telephone - 204-927-2310

Toll Free Line - 888-656-4040Fax - 204-927-2321Toll Free Fax - 888-831-9501

Catholic Women's League

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If you are interested in joining our very active Catholic Women's League,

please call the parish office at 519-747-1212 for more information.

CWL Membership Dues - $20 (2019)