For parishioners interested in assisting St. Agatha Cemetery: The Catholic Cemeteries and Bishop Crosby has approved a plan to assist Cemeteries.  This plan encourages local parishes to raise funds for the benefit of their cemetery (donations are included in your tax receipt).  Any funds raised by the parish will be matched with an equivalent donation to the Cemetery Care and Maintenance Fund by the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton.  In this way more interest is earned by the C&M Fund each year which in turn is sent to the St. Agatha Cemetery yearly and is used for the maintenance of the Cemetery.  The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton will match the funds raised at the parish level to a max of $10,000 for 2018.  Please write cheques to St. Agatha Church or use a specially marked envelope please and these amounts will be on your tax receipt.  Let us attempt to reach $10,000 again for 2018, the last year of approved fundraising.  Thank you to those that donated in 2017!  If there any questions please call the church office.
What is a Care & Maintenance Fund?  a fund that every Cemetery in Ontario contributes to.  When you purchase either a plot (% of sale) or place a monument (a predetermined amount) is sent to this Care & Maintenance Fund.  Each year the interest earned from this fund is sent to the St. Agatha Cemetery for use for the care and maintenance of grounds and monuments.

The Hamilton Diocese send out a monthly list of events that parishioners may be interested in.  These lists are available by clicking on the black links below and a copy will be posted on the bulletin board at the back of the church.  The most local and relevant of these events will also be in the printed weekly bulletin.


PreAuthorized Giving is HEREPlease pick up the red preprinted form at the back of the church, fill out and return by placing in the collection basket in the sealed envelope.Authorized payments are put through on the 20th of each month or the next business day if on a weekend or holiday.  Please ensure that you are a registered parishioner to enable tax receipt creation.

What are Mass Intentions?  From the very beginning, the Church has honoured the memory of the dead and offered prayers for them, above all, the Eucharistic sacrifice, so that, purified, they may have the beatific vision of God.  Indeed, St. Ambrose (d.397) preached: “We have loved them during life; let us not abandon them in death, until we have conducted them by our prayers into the house of the Lord”
It remains the custom of Catholics, on the occasion of death, to request that a Mass be offered for the deceased.  Although there is no cost for such a request, the usual offering made to the parish in Hamilton Diocese is $10.  The presentation of a Mass card to the bereaved is one of the most beautiful expressions of sympathy we can offer to those who mourn.  It is also a powerful expression of our faith in the Lord’s promise of eternal life and a loving gift to the faithful departed.  A Mass for the deceased may be requested at any time and is a fitting way to remember our brothers and sisters who have gone before us on the anniversary of their death and on other special occasions.