Music Ministry:

Junior Choir Directorat 7:00pm Mass:  Tracy Weber

Family Folk Choir Directors9:00am Mass:  David and Barbara Rola

Senior Choir Director & Organist at 11:00amMass: Angie Straus

Liturgy Committee:  Lynn Martin, Chairperson

Ushers:  Len Moser

Pastoral Committee:  Marilyn Eby, Chairperson

Altar Servers& Catechetical Program: Bonnie Aultman

CWL:  Debbie Kroetsch, President

Maintenance Committee:  Ron Bisch, Chairperson

Finance Committee:  Andy Detzler

Social Justice Committee:  Patti Tusch, Chairperson

Sick & Shut-In Ministry:  Contact the parish office for someone to bring Communion or to visit or call you.

Request for Prayer Circle:  Pat 519-653-4944 days and Marilyn 519-747-3103 evenings