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Sunday, September 9, 2018

St Agatha Church's Parish Picnic

+ Warm Welcome to Fr. George Nowak

+ Formal Good Bye to Fr. Daniel Lobsinger.

Mark Your Calendars!

St. Agatha Parish is administered by Members of the Congregation of the Resurrection

St. Agatha

Roman Catholic Church

1839 Notre Dame Dr.

St. Agatha, Ontario    N0B 2L0

Office: 519-747-1212

 Fax : 519-747-1221

​Office Hours: 8:30-Noon Mon-Fri

Father Toby Collins, C.R.

Priest In Residence

"All vocations are pathways of self-emptying that lead to joy."

For more information on Vocation Culture, please visit

Weekly Services 

Weekday Masses  Tuesday-Friday: 7:45am (unless otherwise scheduled)

Saturday Mass:   7:00pm

SundayMasses:  9:00am -includes a Children's Liturgy Sept-May (for young children for 20 minutes during Mass) (if there are enough parent volunteers)


Catechetical Program:  10:00-11:00am Sundays from September-May - meant for children not enrolled in a Catholic School but who wish to have a Catholic Education from Grade 1 through 8.  If you are a mature High School student and have the ability to teach younger children and you have taken this program you can volunteer to help teach this program for volunteer hours!

- enroll early September or during the summer - call office at 519-747-1212 for information

Father Daniel Lobsinger, C.R.

"Father Dan" welcomes everyone to join us in our meaningful Liturgy services.

As the Eucharistic family of St. Agatha Parish, we believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We foster a welcoming and active faith community by sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure.  We continue to grow in the spirit loving and serving God and each other.